Alley Oops

They built a park on the corner
With grass and trees, flowers too
Trying to force the homeless
Out of the area but the alley
Remained the major thoroughfare
Running behind the that block
And “Needle Park” was birthed

Night and day the disenfranchised
Can be found lined or grouped with
their homes – shopping carts all –
Practically obscuring the dirt on
The skinny unmaintained bit of
Pseudo-roadway, along with used
Condoms, hypodermics and other
Trash … some in the city include
The folks in the alley in this category

Would like to see it closed down
Would like to see “those” people
Moved elsewhere but where?
No-one really cares – just not there …

 sl worthington


Okay … for experimental junk, my friend said – hey – get a blog … what the hell is that, sez I – a b-log ??? You don’t know about blogging? Well slap my face and call it my ass – I do not … turns out I coulda been asleep the last five years or so ’cause I guess any fool can get online and for no money, none I’m tellin’ you – just start blattin’ awayin black and white. So that suits me. Especially since, when I said to my friend, well – you slay me – said friend goes ahead and names the blamed thing that very thing. WheeHee …